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Telehealth - Virtual Healthcare Services

Using today’s technology, it has never been easier to access professional healthcare providers.   


Telehealth services provide your employees and their families 24/7/365 access to board certified and licensed doctors that can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications for nearly 70% of reasons persons seek medical treatment.  


Employees and their families can have a virtual doctor visit from work, from home, or even while traveling.  No need to sit in traffic or sit in the doctor’s office waiting to be treated.  And best of all, these doctor visits are free of cost.  

No limits on doctor visits and covers the employee’s spouse and children. 


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Why should businesses provide Telehealth?


Health care costs continually rise which results in higher cost of health insurance, Telehealth is an effective solution to reduce the number of doctor visit claims on your group health insurance plan which may result in lower group health insurance renewal increases.  


Because employees have quick access to around-the-clock primary care; you can benefit from lower absenteeism and higher productivity.  


Additional healthcare benefit options available in Telehealth.


Telehealth’s main service is general medical care for our day-to-day illnesses, aches, and strains however we partner with highly rated Telehealth providers that can also offer one or more of the following healthcare services which also free of cost to the employee.  


  • Dermatology
  • Mental Health
  • Access to National Specialists


Employers have the opportunity to help employees with better access and affordability to general medical care as well as specialty care which is often 2-3 times more cost than their primary doctor care.  


Adding this valuable benefit services is extremely affordable, the equivalent of a 5 cents per hour pay raise. 


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