Medical Bill Savings & Payment Services


Medical bills can be confusing, needlessly expensive, and sometimes downright incorrect.


Studies of healthcare billing have found 49% to 80% of bills include at least one mistake. From duplicate billing to incorrect coding and billing for services not rendered, there are several ways that you might be overcharged for healthcare services.


Despite the thousands of dollars, you may spend to provide healthcare coverage for your employees, there are many gaps that leave employees vulnerable to unexpected expenditures.


Worrying about medical bills can be overwhelming and would lead to reduced productivity for your employees


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With our exclusive services partner’s proven services and tools, 208benefits is the only employee benefits agency in Idaho that can help ensure that your employees' medical bills are free of errors and priced fairly and accurately.


  • Reduce your employees’ out-of-pocket health care costs
  • Increase their productivity and job satisfaction
  • Give employees and yourself peace of mind

Adding this valuable benefit services is extremely affordable, the equivalent of less than a 2 cent per hour pay raise. 


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