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Choosing Dental Insurance

Many employees consider group dental insurance an essential part of their benefits package. As one of the most used group benefits, dental insurance can be a worthwhile investment for helping to attract and retain great talent.


Access to dental insurance also helps employees manage their out-of-pocket costs—and being covered makes it more likely they’ll visit the dentist regularly. That routine, preventive care helps employees avoid dental issues down the road.


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There are 3 primary components to a dental insurance plan: annual maximum benefit, service category coinsurance, and annual deductible. 


Annual Maximum Benefit: A majority of dental insurance plans start with a $1000 annual maximum benefit which is the maximum dollar amount that the insurance plan covers per calendar year for each member enrolled in the dental plan: employee, spouse, and children. 


We can pair you with our preferred dental insurance partners to provide $1500, $2000, and $3000 annual maximum benefit plan options.  You may even consider offering a dual plan that provides employees that want or need more dental care benefit a higher plan alongside a standard plan option for employees that only need routine care.  


Service Category Coinsurance: Most dental insurance divides dental care into 3 service categories: preventive, basic, and major. The service category determines the percentage of the cost the insurance covers, coinsurance.  The common coinsurance percentages are as follows:


  • Preventive = 100% - includes routine exams, cleanings, and x-rays
  • Basic = 80% - includes fillings, sealants, root canals, and other minor services
  • Major = 50%  - includes oral surgery, crowns, onlays & inlays, plus bridges and dentures

We can pair you with our preferred dental insurance partners that will increase the Basic and Major services coinsurance to 90% and 60% respectively.  Providing employees and their families greater dental care savings. 


Annual Deductible: A dental insurance deductible is the fixed dollar amount an employee must pay out of pocket each year before their plan starts to pay for covered dental treatments in the basic and major services categories.  The deductible is applied to each member of the employee’s family but is capped at 3 members per year.  For example, a standard deductible is $50 and the maximum deductible an employee pays for their family is $150 (3x the individual) even if the family size if 5 persons and all 5 received basic and or major treatment services.  


We can pair you with our preferred dental insurance partners that can reduce the annual deductible to $25 or $0 dollars.  


Dental insurance plans are typically the 2nd highest cost plan in an employee benefits package therefore we partner with highly rated dental insurance companies that can offer valuable plans with great provider network access for costs that are typically 20-40% lower than you might be paying today.  


Add a quality dental insurance plan to your employee benefits for the equivalent of a 14 cent per hour pay raise.  


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