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Identity Theft Protection Benefit


Identity theft is a crime that occurs when your personal identifying information (PII) is used by someone else without your consent. Criminals have found numerous ways to use a person’s name, Social Security number, address, date of birth, credit card, financial and medical account information driver’s license, and even social media accounts for their own gain.


One in four Americans had their identity exposed in 2019 alone, some more than once. And the longer identity theft goes undetected, the more difficult it is to prove your innocence, recover your identity, and reverse any damages. 


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Why it is important to your business? 


On average it can take an employee hundreds of hours and up to six months to fully resolve an identity theft or fraud issue.  If an employee is going it alone, without an identity protection service, they are more than likely to be missing work and or be distracted while at work as these issues can create a variety of financial and legal issues for the employee and their families.  This leads to loss of productivity which impacts your businesses bottom line.  


Furthermore, businesses themselves are at greater risk for identity theft issues including a data breach.  


We believe your company, your employees and their families deserve the right to privacy, security, and above all else, peace of mind. This is why we’re proud to offer industry-leading solutions for employee identity protection.  


When employees have an identity protection service to rely on, their minds can be more at ease because they know their issues will be taken care of for them. That frees them to be more productive and helpful to your customers. 


Adding this coverage is affordable, the equivalent of less than a 4 cent per hour pay raise. 


Click here to receive more information on identity theft protection for employees today.

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